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Chat-in-the-middle fraud!. The latest scamming scheme

A web security expert, Dancho Danchev writes in his popular blog on Zdnet that “a new ‘Chat-in-the-Middle’ fraud tactic was recently discovered by the RSA FraudAction Research Lab, according to which the phishing site intercepted is using the hosting services of a well known managed cybercrime network, with the campaign itself in an apparent test …

Google + reCAPTCHA ! A Great Combination.

Indications emerged yesterday that Google is set to acquire the anti-bot codes serving company based at Carnegie Mellon University. This is the company that produces the common scrawlly codes that people see on login screens from digitized books. (see image below) This deal according to experts is a very smart purchase by Google and ‘gives …

Ransomware! What is it?, How can you avoid it?

What is ransomware? Ransomware is simply a malicious code or program authored by individuals (hackers, crackers or other evil minded persons) aimed specifically to hold a person or infected system to ransom. How does it work? Ransomware can be authored and cloaked to look like a genuine piece of software or application, in fact most …

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